A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

I glitched out on my way back to our holy source... There's an artifact left in my mind. Some kind of memory from a higher state of existence. A world where you're not supposed to collect stuff, but to amplify a caring frequency. Maybe love. If successful, we will return to our source to be recharged... but not me as it seems...

continues the story of 'meloveyou' ... 
Process 90.91 is back and digitally pissed after being abused by the corrupt kernel. 

The core was torn to pieces, because Pr0x_90.91 is hard to digest. Someone or something has equipped 90.91 with mind-expanding modules, which among other things allows to look deeper into the matrix of cyberspace.

This game is an experimental trip like its predecessor. With more glitches, noise, real puzzles and a lot of secrets. You can rush through in 10 minutes... to end up with nothing, or you [think, search, try out stuff, read and combine]...

...glitches and bugs are features...

OS: Win7,8,10 | Mac OSX | Linux 
AMD or Intel  / min 1.8ghz MultiCore
4 GB RAM recommended
~200MB free space
3D Graphicscard//Full Hardware GPU recommended


..it's more some sort of puzzled MetaHorror which lurks in the fundamentals of a transhumanistic beyond.

Some thoughts went 'out of bounds', so this game is really experimental. Don't expect explanations for everything, because that's up to you. Story may not readily consumable. Puzzles are difficult. Always take a closer look. Places could change behind you. Reflections are liars. It's full of secrets and hidden ways.

awareness denied game - seizure warning
awareness denied

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PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(12 total ratings)
GenrePuzzle, Interactive Fiction
Made withUnity
TagsAtmospheric, Creepy, Experimental, First-Person, glitch, Horror, Sci-fi, weird
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
AccessibilityConfigurable controls


AWARE Windows 7,8,10 / x86_64 54 MB
Version 1 Jan 15, 2020
AWARE Mac OSX Universal 68 MB
Version 1 Jan 15, 2020
AWARE Linux Universal x86 /_64 67 MB
Version 1 Jan 15, 2020

Install instructions

Unzip and run the first executeable: aware.exe  /  aware.x86

Development log


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Reminds me of the bathroom at that nightclub back in ’93… what was it called again?


After enjoying meloveyou and before diving into Ex Synchronos, it seemed quite logical to play “a bit” to AWAREN3SS DEN1ED. I’m putting “a bit” between quotes, because after more than one hour on the game it seems it still has a lot to offer, so I’ll definitely come back to it.

I especially loved the fact that the cyberspace was (***spoiler alert***) being filled by “real life” elements at the end, with a nice Twin Peaksian touch.

The visuals are stunning, meloveyou was already good but Ravee increased his shaders skills to a whole new level. The level design is not too frustrating, you sometimes have to look where you’re going but you never get lost. The game mechanics use a great combination of puzzles and hidden places (with a very clever use of false reflections), that you will have to solve using your brain but also your assembler vision.

I’m definitely a fan of this universe, and I’m starting Ex Synchronos right now!


Thank you very much for playing and for your review. It's releaving to know that there are others that are into cyberspace topics and enjoy these kind of games. I hope you survived EXsynchronos and that it brought you the fun it was supposed to do. Best regards ✌

EXsynchronos is just wow! I have not completed it yet but so far I had a pretty good time, once done I'll post my review. 🙂

For sure, you can be proud of these 3 games, they make a beautiful trilogy.

I almost look ridiculous with Wild Dose compared to your creations. 😉


This game is experimental done right! It's so visceral, mindbending, and otherworldly. Unforgettable!

I do prefer more digestible games, though. I had to watch a playthrough to get through the whole thing, and the story is scattered everywhere. But that's the intent, I suppose.

Thank you ❤ for playing, for your feedback and kind words ... and for not giving up (no matter if with or without the help of a video). 😎👌👍👍👍. Always nice to read that a player reached the real ending of the game 😻

Awesome aesthetics, nice mood, just a little bug I encounter when entering the menu with ESC, the mouse tracking doesn't work in FPS mode afterwards (OS X Catalina), it just kinda wobbles around in the direction I'm moving it. help? (mouse works fine without entering the menu, issue appears only afterwards) :)

Thanks for the feedback, does it help to click again into the screen/view when the wobbling cursor appears? Sounds like a "catching the cursor" problem on OSX, maybe i can fix this.

yup, clicking fixed it. until you enter the menu again, then it comes back until you click once outside of the menu.


Very hard to look at, very fun to play. Super unique style. Realise half-way that I've played your other game. Thanks for making these!

Great 😁😁 already saw your videos. Yes it's hard to look at, if you permanently use the assembler view, which costs energy. Just switch it off for a while an the view cleans up again... that's all the trick. Thank you very much for playing and for sharing your gameplay here 👍👍. Best regards, Ravee 😎

Did not know what was going on, but it was a pretty cool experience nonetheless. Made a video, hope you enjoy! 


Thank you 👍😺👌. Was glad to see that you enjoyed it. And i was happy to see that you found out most of the tricks and functions by yourself by just trying. Nice gameplay video 👌. ✔😊

Deleted 2 years ago

Thank you very much for playing 👍👍👍. More puzzles are coming in the third part of this trilogy. Did you play it on a smaller notebook? cause of the ~20fps.. according to the fpsCounter on the top left of screen.
Have a nice day 😎


I guess I'll leave this here as a guide for anyone still trying to solve the mystery, but I'm looking forward to someone creating the real key!


Absolutely AWESOME gameplay and fantastic video. 👌👌👌👌👌 Much respect for your patience. 


Really loved the aesthetics of this game, even if the puzzle absolutely confused me until I started looking more intensely.


Awesome. 👍👍👌 Also your r34d1ng sk1lls 👍.  But the coolest action was your puzzle solution with these potato-rotato-switches. It was the longest way through the maze i saw right now. 😄😄. But i am really glad you liked it. Thank you for playing and sharing your game play video.
Ravee aka Rod

Played your game here https://topindie.games/awaren3ss-den1ed/

I still don't know how to feel about it, but the experience was awesome

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Thank you 👌, already watched it last friday. I hope you've puzzled your way through to the "real" exit 🙃
greetings, Ravee


mega trippy.. I made this video a few days ago when there were no comments on the vid, glad to see you are getting more attention now :)

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Woooow 😲, Thank You, your video helped me a lot 👍👍👍. i was unsure if a game that's filled with secret paths, places, story context and such puzzles could find it's way to players 🙄.Hopefully some will not trust the default forward path. 🤔The unusual silence made me believe that it's too difficult🙁.
Thank you for playing and even more for your feedback. ✔👌


I obviously missed a lot 😂 if I’d of realised there were secrets I’d of sort for them

First run vs second. Still didn't manage to create the key, but at least I solved the mystery.

Awesome, thank you for sharing the results, as the Generated ID tells me that:
- you didn't talk to the cube entity correctly,
- you missed a black portal,
-you didn't see the rough glass plate to stand on in one of the checkered areas.
These 3 Secrets are harder to find. But you did a very good playthrough in the second round.
That's Amazing. 👍👍👍

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not sane

What is that

It was all so eerie, esotheric, interesting, stunning

I didn't understand much

And I tried to look for everything I could

How much time did it even take ? Long I guess, the number of weird shaders you had to build must be great, I didn't even know making such visuals was a possible thing in a game engine(modifié)

add non euclidian geometry and it's even worse / better

There was no screamer, no danger, and yet, it was so scary, it felt so much like another world for other types of beings, a trip into a place I don't belong to

Great great great work, really

I'll share it ! :D

Thank you so much for playing and for sharing the 'resultscreen'. This is really helpful for me 👍👍👍. I'm really happy and relieved that you liked it, as it always costs me a lot of braveness to release such experimental stuff. And I know not everyone has the patience to look deeper into such things. But you did and that's great.❤

Yes, it was a lot of hard work and long nights fighting with all the shadercode to get the results i wanted. I was amazed myself that it all worked out.
Just for the case, if you ever play it again:👉🏼Sometimes it's worth going back one way or another.👉🏼Some smart  reflections just trying to hide another secret way, making you believe that there is a wall.
Thank you and have a nice day 😎,


You're very wecome I'm glad it helps you, good luck for the next !

I also only found two places. I'm gonna try again when I get my head back on.

Thank you for playing 👍. I think these two places you both found will reveal to every player who just moves "forward"... trusting the path that seems to be the right one... leading into the default fake-exit. 😬

Honestly, I just assumed the exit was another trick.

You're right. It's another trick as █████████ tries to keep you from doing unfriendly things. 😬😬


Ha, found it. You me true.