A big change

Update v6 - 0.11
Some bigger changes in the 2 difficulty modes. In EasyMode the AI 'Zero1' guides you and takes care that you do not end up confused or anything. She explains what to do and whats going on arround you. Right now i did this in the whole first map, i'll wait with the other maps because of the huge amount of work. Of course i will implement the guide in the whole game, but first i better wait for some feedback about the EasyMode. 

Here's a video about the new EasyMode, Guidance, cleaner Text and the decryptor for the content in DataCubes:

The NormalMode has now name changed to HATE+PAIN_Mode and is only directed to the fast and raw FPS-players, who don't like getting guided, but like to find their own way and try out things. This will be also improved and adjusted if i get some feedback. 
Linux and MacOSX versions are currently in progress and will be pushed this night (if nothing blows up again).

Happy Easter and have a nice day,


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Version 9 Apr 01, 2021

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