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A friend of mine told me I should try ExSynchronos as it would totally match with the visual of a game I’m currently making. But before trying Ex, I wanted to play the 2 first chapters of this trilogy. You’ve done an amazing job, I’m super impressed by what you achieved, you used your magical shader power to create an amazing universe.

You’ve got a new fan, I can’t wait to play the next chapters!

Thank you very much for playing and for your feedback. I'm not sure if the visuals of EX are matching, but i think it could be as wild as your game will be. meloveyou is pretty harmless compared to Awaren3ss Den1ed and almost hilarious and cute compared to EXsynchronos 😄 But i'm sure you're used to this kind of style. I already saw you're making "Wild Dose" and it looks awesome. One of these rare games i'm exited to play. 😎


Hey, I love your work on Tumblr, those screenshots you displayed, so much so, that I tracked you down on and have followed your creator account on here. I don't necessarily ask for reciprocation... but I would appreciate it.

Keep up the good work! ;-) Your game design skills are far beyond mine.

what are the logical properties of opening doors? is it simply collecting cubes and trial & error? same question for control panels (the one in the reactor room wasn't working for me, then all of a sudden, it did; i had the same amount of cubes between that time)

The sector controllers keep their doors shut until cleaning routines have done their job in that area. Control panels are reacting to specific command inputs from your flash memory. These commands can be copied from the dodecaeders on the podests. :-) 


Most intense disk defrag ever!

Cool, that's a great gameplay you've made 👍👍 Thank you for playing. I'm always glad to see players that having fun with my little cyber game 😎

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I liked this one.. it's not a scary game, and while the game looks nice and bright, the more you reveal, the darker the plot becomes..

I honestly didn't notice til I was deep into it, but oh boy!

I definitely recommend giving this one a play through!


Thx for playing and cleaning up the RAM. It's like the darning goose is eating a whole lot to become itself a tasty core-food. 😁 I already saw your video, i think a month ago... while doing a nightly observation raid on my games.😄 Thank you for your recommendation, it's valuable. 👍👍👍



AWESOME! 👍👍👍 That was 20 minutes of joy watching your video and seeing  that you have fun.  You're a quick cryptic message reader. I never expected that the doors sound like saying.... "your mama" 😁🤣
Thank you very much for playing and have a nice day! 😎


Lmao. You're game is one of my favorites so far. Thank you so much for creating this gem. Please keep up the great work. Looking forward to your next project. Stay blessed my friend.


This was so cool. Is there an alternate ending (possibly involving that control panel over the pit), or is it just that not completing the game is the "good" ending, and the subroutine stays safe?

Thank you very much for playing. Amazing! You're a master-decryptor! 👍 You even decrypted messages that I couldn't decipher myself now 😬 .. and you absolutely got the point about the story. There are just these two options at the end...1) get eaten...2) or exit game. 
Have a nice day 😎


A superb little piece. The aesthetics pleased me to the highest degree. One day maybe I'll also make a cyberpunk-ish game!

Thank you very much for playing 👍👌🤩. I'm really happy that you liked it because... ahhhm 🙄... 
... i'm too shy to say it but ... 😶
damn! 😬
...Ok fuck it:
It was your game \spek.takl\ that inspired me to try creating some pixelatet stuff and I am really satisfied with the result. ❤😁

So thank you for the 'inspiration' and have a nice day! 👍


We inspire each other now. This is the best possible creative relationship! :)
Keep up the great work, and I'll keep feeding on it!

this is amazing, and very unsettling (which makes it awesome!!!). Also I saw the messages from another person? trying to warn me and telling me to run away, very nice detail!! this game should be waaaaay more popular!!

i need this soundtrack? ambience? whatever you like to call it =D i need it!!!

What exactly? The background ambience? I create most stuff with my good old Korg and Yamaha Synthesizers. But there are also some good Software Synths (free software too) you can use for your gamemusic production. Just tell me, if you need info or help with that. 😊

yeah!! thanks please do give some basic info on those programs!!

DarkWaveStudio and LMMS (Linux) are good and free Midi-DAWs to use VST instruments and there are a lot of free VSTs available on many sites... google:, free-vst-plugins-800 .. it's in german but i think google will translate the site 😃 ... at least Audacity (a great AudioEditor)

thanks so much!! i do have audacity but will look into  the german tool, thanks!!

Great 👌😁  Yes, you absolutely got the point, there are hidden messages trying to warn you, but "the thing" wants you to clean them away. I hope the game find its way to some more players who love that kind of games... it was made with love 😍.
Thank you very much for playing. 👍


no problem!! it was so much fun to play!!


Wow! I've just finished playing and I have to say that this was a visually stunning and quietly superb piece of art. The pixelated cyber aesthetic was amazing and it coupled quite nicely with the neon and glare effects. Is it System Shock inspired? I loved the ending. I really like how you used awkward syntax in the text to try and capture how a supercomputer might try and communicate human emotion.

This was a genuinely very cool game. My only complaint is that the mechanics of getting the doors to open are not exactly intuitive and in one case required a lot of trial and error, but it's otherwise an amazing experience and I've added it to my 'gems' collection. 

Thank you so much for making this!

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Amazing! 😁 Thank you very much for playing and for your reply. And of course thanks for trying it again and playing to the end. I'm really relieved, because now i know that the meaning found it's way to you (did i say that right?! 🤔) and hopefully also to other players. You got the awkward syntax and saw the hidden stuff and that's great 😃👌. I used the first "get out of the start-room" thing to let the player understand how to open doors, but you complaint is important. Maybe i should add one more clue. And yes, i agree that the last thing may be a bit hard. Anyway, thanks again and have a nice day/night/morning/evening 😎

PS: I think it was more inspired by all the tronesque and neon art of the 80s. I just made the grafics the way i like it.

Hi Ravee! I'm trying to play meloveyou but I'm a little bit stuck. I can't find any more data cubes to progress past the section with the three beacons. I've even mapped out the whole area on paper just to make sure I haven't missed anything! Is there something obvious I am missing? 


Yes, If you mean the three beacons at the big flickering stream tube: Collect the data from the second (middle) beacon and insert it in the terminal-computer in the same room. That makes the stream spin about 90°deg and lets you go through it at the door that leads to the side of the stream tube. Something similar will happen one time again in the game. Hope this helps. 


Wow I really like this game! There was this eerie vibe to it and the art style felt very fitting. Keep up the good work :D

I don't know if you've heard of Game Development World Championship before (gdwc2019) but it's a competition for indie game developers where they can submit their games and it's free! It's great if you want some more visibility for the game and it only takes a couple of minutes to join :)

Thank you very much for playing 👍 glad to read you liked it.
Yes i already heard/read about GDWC on FB, but i don't think that my little experiment here would have any chance for such a game competition. I think it's too niche... typical stuff. 😊 maybe my other game, i'll think about it. 


Well any game is welcome to join :D But yes, if you have any other games feel free to submit you can also submit more than one game to the competition :)

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The maze of the game much like the Tron of 1982, but with more glitches that the virus that leaves you paralyzed if you go on a motorcycle XD:

I don't understand who directs the messages where they say "I'll Help You" or "Me Love You", it seems to say it as love with himself.

At first, thanks for playing 😊and thank you for your feedback 👍. Those things and thoughts are important to me. So the messages with that ~ME IS / DO / WANT... or whatever~ are messages from another entity (talking in it's own strange kind)... they are not from the character the player controls. Did you play to the end? Did you meet the huge 'lovely' entity? 🤔

Not yet, I find it difficult to collect all the cubes to access other areas.

Do you think it's fair or too difficult?  It's not easy to find a balance for everyone so i would be glad to know your thoughts if its okay ☺ 

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Flüssig auf Macbook Pro im Akkubetrieb :) Top
In 2880 x 1800 und Fatastatic

Perfect, thanks fürs testing 👍👍