A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

FINAL VERSION. Reveal the mysteries of a chemical plant that vanished for 32 years  Welcome to the horror of 1986.

Polymerikum AG was a German chemical company engaged in research into new, so-called "intelligent materials" based on plastics. In 1985, the company built a huge chemical plant where work, living and research were combined. Most activities were kept in secret. 

Thank you for volunteering to investigate the area. Maybe a toxicologist like you can solve the case. But you're doing this at your own risk.


You're an toxicologist doing an investigation in a forbidden area. Explore a chemical plant from the 80s that mysteriously vanished for over 32 years and still seems to be active. Search for the people that lived and worked there. Find logs, sketches, photos, keys, utils, read notes and documents. Dig deeper into the toxic underground. The game doesn't take your hand so keep your eyes open. There are many details and hints for puzzle solutions. 

This is a horror game, no need to tell you, that you're not alone in there. Yes, there are some sort of 'scares'. You don't have to look for batteries for your flashlight, but you'll quickly learn how stupid it is to use it all the time. (Lightray causes aggression) If something looks uncanny, it actually is. Get the fuck out. If you die, the game sends you back to the last checkpoint.


I put very much afford in audio and atmosphere. I recommend you to play the game in the dark  with headphones or a good hifi system. The dynamic range is very high. 


I think you know that this is not an AAA-Title, so the game is not perfect. I tried to find a good balance for the difficulty, puzzles and gameplay. The project took me 14 month of work. I never use assets. Everything in the game was created by me. It was my wish to give you an experience where you can lose yourself and explore a strange world. 


The Game contains the English and the German version.
Signs are german.. click them for the translation. 

Min. configuration:
- Windows 7,8,10 | MacOSX | Linux (64bit recommended)
- Intel i3,i5,i7 or AMD x4, x6, x8, FX, Ryzen | (min. 2GHz)
- 4GB RAM   (8GB recommended)
- ca. 700 MB freespace on HDD or SSD
- 3D-Grafics Card (highly recommended)
 - A Brain (compatible with logics, reading, puzzles, troll resistant)

Tested  successfully(60fps) with (nvidia  970, 1080 & ATI Radeon 480). 
I was able to run the game on a Laptop with Onboard-Grafics, but only with ~15fps, so a real 3D-Grafics card is recommended. Try it on your system and let me know if it works.   LINUX:  I recommend using a 64bit distribution.

Your progress will be stored in savegame automaticly when you reach a checkpoint, you don't have to do anything. If you just run around and don't make investigative progress > nothing will be saved.

This game is for players who enjoy exploring, discovering, revealing story, get scared and solving puzzles. If you like weird stories, this game is for you.

More free horror for you:

Have fun.

All free games > DevPage)
Have fun!

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(24 total ratings)
Made withUnity, Audacity, Blender
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Exploration, First-Person, Horror, Singleplayer, Story Rich, Surreal, weird
Average sessionA few hours
LanguagesGerman, English
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
AccessibilitySubtitles, Configurable controls


polymerikum-windows.zip 323 MB
Version 6 Nov 11, 2019
polymerikum-linux.zip 335 MB
Version 2 Nov 11, 2019
polymerikum-osx.zip 339 MB
Version 3 Nov 11, 2019

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Here it goes. It is a "Kraftwerk" (it sounds a new wave group musicians hahaha). Okay, serious now: Operating system - lubuntu Linux (Light Ubuntu) 20.04, 8GB RAM (7,7 GB at truth) architecture x86_64(64 BIT), a  weak laptop + OBS recorder; motherboard processor intel core i5-825ou; Integrated Card (embedded onboard GPU) Intel UHD Graphics 620 (as called either GT2); resolution 1366x768 (game itself 1360x768):

Polymerikum full game P1

Polymerikum P2

Polymerikum P3

As soon as possible I'll come back here and bring last three parts for a weak laptop linux version 2. Bugs wasn't found just some unsignificants glitches, the story line is super interesting. I super recommend this game to linux users, at least. Thanks from Brazil to Germany to share this little masterpiece. we have a plenty references like SCP, The Backrooms, movies like "The Red House" from Hitchcock and other else. Congratulations, mister Rod Randomberger. At soon upcoming links to P4, P5 and P6 (The End ?).

Polymerikum P4

Polymerikum P5

Polymerikum - The End


I realized that I had never left a comment on here, so thought I might as well!

From the moment I heard the setup for the story I was intrigued, it's simple and works great. A dark grey, dystopian, industrial city that comes back from nowhere and you're just thrown into it without having your hand held.

I could see it not being everyone's thing as it's pretty slow and most of the time you're not dealing with any direct danger, but I loved being able to explore on my own and be rewarded with lore and puzzle hints.

The atmosphere is really good, you're never really sure what you're dealing with, and the stronger side of the game is definitely the environments.

There's a lot of details in most places, between the notes, posters, books and items. The best part is taking a look at everything, and I'm sure I've missed some little details since I don't know German.

The game is around just the right length, not too long that it drags on, and not too short that the story doesn't have time to progress.
There's a nice progression between each of the environments, or "chapters", though the ending is a bit on the weaker side compared to the lead-up to it as you find out how people survived down there.

It ended up taking me two playthroughs before I really understood what was going on, or at least I think so!

And as for the bad points, because there's always some uh?

Some of the effects were a bit too much, like for example the blur/ringing with camera floatiness, the flashlight flicker after getting the basement key and the heart beat with eye veins (mostly just before getting to the basement).
Those can get kind of obnoxious and would have been better if they didn't last as long.

I don't think I can entirely blame the game for this, as it seems it can happen to any exploration or puzzle games, but it felt like puzzles were either quickly done and made you think "wait that's it?" or you missed one small thing and got stuck for too long, with no in between.

And lastly, I'm not really sure what's happening but I got really bad performance overall, even on the lowest settings there still was fps drops in some places even though there shouldn't.
I haven't had any issues with recent games or other unity games so I don't know what's up with that.

But despite these issues it was great to play through, and it felt like a full experience that'd be worth paying for. I'm glad I came across the game!


A unique experience!
First of all, the style is really out there. It's very low poly but to me it seems like the focus was more on the trippy effects and textures.

Performance is great, too!
I ran into one tiny problem with a glitch. A closing locker door yeeted me through a wall and outside the boundaries. Then I was stuck in a die-respawn-loop until I suddenly dropped into a part of the map I wasn't supposed to be in yet. But reloading returned me to where I was before.

The sound design is marvelous.
I'm not an expert but it reminded me someone playing around with a modular synthesizer.
One thing that really would have tied it all together was if the notes you discover along the way had been replaced by audiologs.
No easy task, but it would have improved the pacing and immersion a lot.

The story is serviceable. 
But I think that would have been improved by better or more in depth writing regarding the characters and lore. Even though that would mean the player would have to spend more time stopping and reading.

I liked the twists in gameplay!
Honestly, they were a little lackluster in execution and some parts really dragged on but I'm just glad things got changed up a bit.
For an AAA title it would be very shallow but since this is a small team it met my expectations.
I almost wanted to bring up how confusing it was to navigate the environments... but in hindsight, that really was the whole point of the game.

What I wish to see more of from this very passionate dev is an even more psychedelic experience. The sounds and visual effects stood out to me the most, and I'd like to see them push the boundaries even more.
I am excited to see what comes next! Bravo!

Thank you very much for taking your time giving a kind feedback. Absolutely appreciated. Most people do not believe how helpful this is for solo devs like me who just get a little help from here and there. As for me it's important to know about players experiences with my creations... what i maybe did wrong, where to improve, what to fix and of course what i did right.

To your wish to see more psychedelic experiences... have you checked my newer games here on itch? Maybe give them a try πŸ™‚

Have a nice day and best regards,

Oh wow. The things you do with sound in this game... Creeps the sh*t out of me! I'm a big game noob, so will be playing this for a long time. lol. Did make a small vid about my first steps into this amazing game.

Thank you very much for playing and sharing your gameplay. Nice to see, that these spooky effects still do their job πŸ˜„


Ravee! It's been a while my friend :) Hope you're well! I promised that I'd take the time to check out some of your other games and here I am! I have to say, this is a tour de force of indie development. The fact that you handled all processes yourself is super commendable and your passion for the craft shows. I haven't yet finished the game but the narrative pieces- which are written really believably- draw me further and further in! I just love the concept of an industrial site that totally disappears... so cool!


Wonderful. Just logged in, and your comment made my day. I'm really glad to read that it brings the fun that I made it for. And even nicer to know that the story is believable. For me, as a non-native english speaker, it was hard to get it across so seriously like the german version. I hope you going to fight your way through the game. Thank you. πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘


absolutely fantastic! only a couple critiques:

chapter 6 has major fps drops.

the ending felt irresolute/unsatisfying/vague for a game with tons of narrative lying around.

for a free game, it was overwelmingly thrilling. thanks for the experience!


Thank you very much for playing πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘, i'm glad you liked it.
Sad that you don't like the end so much. For me it was the way to tell who and what the player really is. 😒
I already checked chapter 6 after i saw your comment. It seems that some light sources are responsible for the framedrops on lower machines. I'm gonna rework that for the final version. Thank you for your input.
Have a nice day 😎,

A great little game. We enoyed it very much. Here is a short video we made while playing:  

Thank you very much for playing... and for the video πŸ‘ now i know it also works well in ultrawide format. 
Who ever told you, this game is 'little' must be from another world! πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

Have a nice day,

Can't wait to see what's new about this game!

Welcome back, nice to see you here again πŸ‘.  In the current release the game is mostly complete... so you can play through to the ''happy'' end. 😁

I've just barely scratched the surface of this game, but I'm very curious to find out where the story goes... and so are most of my friends!


I was happy when i saw how you dug into the story.. πŸ‘ crawling throught all the waste and stuff (except the office desks 😁).  Great gameplay, from a real adventurer. I currently uploaded the 'final content update' ... just for the case you like to play the newest version. Have a nice day! 😎 

Finally finished the game, and all I have to say before the videos go up is; Rod, you magnificently sick bastard! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ That made my day! 🀣🀣
Thank you, for not giving up. Can't wait to see the video! πŸ‘

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OK  I have just finished this wonderful game and I have to say for a one man operation this is pretty cool fantastic!

I thought some puzzles were a bit simple like the elevators but others weren't as much.
The music and sounds of the game were awesome it really did give me a bit of a scare and sound pretty cool.

The models look pretty good maybe some a bit polygonal but I think it looks cool. 

The atmosphere for the game is great but I think when the monsters came it sort of lost it I guess because they are pretty slow and easy to avoid so I lost the feeling of suspense or that I'm in a lot of danger but the 'Dark Guardian' and the monster that only moves when you run were very nice ideas and if you do ever plan on adding a knew one I think I got a pretty cool idea.I saw a corpse in one of the lockers and it made me think of something you said like 'if something looks uncanny.it actually is.get the fuck out' and I thought about maybe something that looks a bit like a person but one with the thing in it's mouth, weird skin and soulless eyes that may hide in a room in the corner,under a desk or in a closet and you'd need to be careful and inspect the room or possible hiding spaces before doing anything. I think entering a a dimly lit room and suddenly noticing something standing in the dark corner staring at you or maybe walking down the corridor and going near a locker and seeing it being slightly open but a creepy face is peeping. I don't know, it's just an idea.

I don't actually have much criticism it's an amazing game with a great story, great puzzles, great atmosphere, great music just everything is fantastic. You have made a an absolute gem I could just kiss you for making such an awesome game and I can not wait to see how you develop this incredible game! 10/10 IGN

With lot's of love, Onion. 


Thank you very much... Unbelieveable! I came back home today, was tired because of a hard day... but then i thought: "Let's take a look at my game site".. and the Kabooom πŸ’₯, there was your comment. A very helpful comment. That really made my day. πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ‘

I worked hard on the game over the last 4 month and i hope i'm able to release the full version next month. I'm currently working on the final scene / showdown! 
About the puzzles... yes you're right... from my (or our) view, they are easy. There were some other smart players (also seen on youtube), that solved these puzzels easily. But i've got a lot of messages over the time from players that sayd that they weren't able to find the solution and didn't proceed. So I put some more hints in the game. 
In the last few months I have noticed that it is very difficult to invent puzzles that fit into the story on the one hand and on the other hand can be mastered by as many players as possible. But if puzzles are too easy, the fun gets lost... if puzzles are too hard, players got frustrated. It's a complicated subject... i know that now. 😡

Polygonal overdrive..🀣 remnants from the beginning of development... that's also right. I startet the project as a little pixel horror like thing... but the i realized, that this would be a bad way to tell Polymerikums deeper story. It would be possible... but i didn't like the idea. Thats the reason why there are many cuby-blocky things (like some of the old furniture models). I love details in games and i love to decorate my game world with details. I'm very picky. Everything must fit into a scene, room or whereever... so the final version will be a bit more "decorated". I always take my time (a lot of that) to create everything like i wanted it... with quality. Sometimes i just sit there, staring at the levelmaps on the screen and think... "i could place this here, or that here, here a spook or maybe here... bla bla bla"... but then i have to stop me idling around, because i want to finish the project.

"That thing in the dark corner..." Classic! πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘
Every day after i added new stuff to the gameworld, I testplay it and i often thought about those things. Nice to read your idea, so i'm not alone with that thought. I like those spooky things... it's hard to make a decision about that, because it's classic...πŸ˜† it's in mostly every game.. but it's also cool. 

The corpse in the locker....
UUUUps, oh no.. 😲 that's Hanna! Poor girl.. I totally forgot her in there. That wasn't the plan. Damn! I hope she's not angry with me now! πŸ€”Thx for reminding me about that.

It was nice to read and to know that you had your fun. <MotivationIntensifies> This was refreshing after such a long silence around the game... that's also the reason you got this text overload answer 🀣.. lika production status update. 

Greetings and have a nice day! ❀

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Glad I could help with you're day and you're game! I'm overjoyed to hear it has made progress! 
You've seriously created something God tier here and I'm sure what ever comes next from you will be awesome. Godspeed! 

 You're everyday gamer, onion πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘πŸ‘»

Any chance for invert mouse in the future?

Yes, there is. It's already on my plan for the  options-menu next to some other points like  'fov', audio/fx volumes,  ctrl-settings, font sizes  etc...  :-)

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I finish the game today and I have  a few things to say (my english is not the best btw)

1: great game.

2: I think the elevator puzzle in the lab needs more hints, since the solution isn't that obvious.

3: please don't reuse or overuse the enemy of the lab, for this I have a personal reason and a more technical reason, the personal one, is that I think it works more like a "boss enemy" than a regular enemy. and the technical one is beacuse it can become prety tiredsome after while (I tell you these since I got stuck in the elevator puzzle).

4: I would recommend to give more notes that give us a better understanding of the characters personalities, if you want to take the story more in the supernatural side, it's ok, this is just a recommendantion.

5: ok, the next thing is not much of a critique as it's a thing that a I would like to see, and it's as you can see in the part that I talk about the enemy in the lab, I have fetish for bosses, and it's that I think it would be cool to put more unique enemies like these. that serves as some kind of "boss", not exactly like the enemy in the lab, like I don't know make and enemy like the one scp that if you stop looking at it it would come closer, or if you think in putting a final boss you could put a puzzle boss fight, or even a normal boss fight, give the player a way to defend themselves and then take it away when the fight is over (and you could make that the weapon that the player uses in the boss have limited ammo, making it a little more scary).

sorry if I sounded kinda whiny, this just are recommendation that I think would make the experience a little better, but in the end you're the one who is making the game, thank you for reading all this big mess of a comment and I wish you the best of luck.

(1 edit)

Oh my dear, thank you very much writing me what you think. This is valueable. Ok first, thanks for playing, i hope you enjoyed it.

Now, to the elevator puzzle in the lab. Did you mean the first machine puzzle with the elevating first aid room? Or is it the second "puzzle/maze" where you have to find the hidden elevator? In the maze, where the "correct way" is full of paper/cardbord boxes? Thats where the enemy is. Theres a note that says something about the "boxes in the maze". All other ways are empty. I thought this way could work because everybody would recognize all these boxes. But maybe i'm wrong, and thats why i am thankful for every comment. Normally you need 30 seconds to the exit if you quickly follow the hallway filled with these boxes.

More notes of characters/personalities... well sure, if you like the story i'm going to put more of the story into the game.

You have a fetish for bosses. (I always hated my boss) no wait.. i know what you mean. Welcome to the action and bossfight club. But: this is a horror adventure, not a horror survival game like most other games. I am sure that boss fighting stuff would destroy the creepy atmosphere because you're facing that monsters. Insteat of trying to avoid or even see it. But facing stuff takes the fear. "The fear of the unknown" was a point which was very important to me and also to provide a deep creepy environment. If you're playing a horror game with a creepy monster, try to die one time, that always takes the fear of it (Works for me). But if you don't know if there even is a monster or something that's going to attack you, this keeps the fear. I don't want to spoil but in the final version there definately is some sort of endboss. But the player will get a helping hand by Hans... really hot guy. HAAAAAANS... ;-)

Your comment doesn't sound whiny, i'm very thankful that you took your time to write what you thought. Have a nice day, morning, night... wherever you are :-)

what I mean with the the elevator puzzle was actually the last part of the lab, the part where you find the room with a wardrobe in which you find the elevator to escape the lab, I find it difficult to activate the elevator, but maybe that was just me.

(2 edits)

Oh okay, but come on.. you finally made it.
I think it's a normal part of an adventure puzzle game that you have to try out things, pressing some buttons and then look what happens. In that section you would like to close the elevator doors, right? and hell yeah, there's a button for it. :-)

you're right

sharedassets0.ress put it on mediafire so i can download it


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thanks for reply, was waiting 2 days for your answer

(2 edits)


Edit:i was playing slither

edit2:also put the link

Yes, 2 days, wasted energy checking errors for someone who just created a profile to tell me he's using winrar to corrupt downloaded files. i was trying to help you man, i've trusted your words, you broke my heart!

i was able to play the game without the file and then sorry for wasting your time

Last week i finded this website itch and downloaded a lot games and now made a account to thank all developrs of the games i have played. 

For you this is special because you are a special soul. i have read all your text you wrote and in your game i hope found all journals. and the text that was in the download. if no person had told you iam here now to say to you that you are special. i sure i understand why you make this story as horror game because people like this games. i like horror games too. i know not all players will understand what the real meaning is. and some not understand that this is many hard work and long time to create this.
you createt this with love and give it free to all people. it is not complete but you work on it.
you created this game with many love and telling a story that is more in this times than some person will recognise. it is the ghosts of nature and this world who make revenge on all the poison weapon and war production. some people endet as trees and with plastics in thier skin and body. and nature has eaten the chemical factory and the secret productions. as player i keep this in mind because the game brings this in scaring scenes. i know you lie when you say i never createt a horror game. it is not true becuse this is a master work. i needed 5 hours to play and then i came to the fin. this is not a short game and i was afraid the hole time playing this. it is awesome.

i hope you like these words, they come with love to you. so i wanted to say thank you. sorry for wrong english. i wish you can make this game complete. and i am sure the good ghosts of the nature will always stay by your side.


Brother, you touched my soul. Took me one hour to think about. This is only the comment section of my game but i really feel the need now to give you an answer, honestly about some deeper things. I think you absolutely got the point, not only to the stupid game story but also to the whole thing. 
Polymerikum is filled with metaphors and things connected to reality. There's a reason why i've created a chemical plant containing apartments where people have lived in and where they've grown up their children. These claustrophobic underground facilities, changing structures, disorienting stuff and patroling monsters. I feel like i'm living inside a machine. Over the last decades my whole country transformed into a cold industrial complex where working and burning out is the only way to survive. Producing tons of senseless fat suv cars, weapons and war machinery. Selling all that shit around the world and even lots of guns to countries that are known for their cruelness. I love the nature, when i was born my city was a green place and now there are factories everywhere polluting the whole environment. As programmer and artist this is my way trying to deal with these facts and maybe reach some other souls out there. 

So Yes, i created my game with much love and i wanted to bring fun to players, but i can't hide the fact, that it is full of hidden messages and metaphors not everyone is able to see. But you did. I send you much love back and may the good ghosts of our world are always be with you :-)


Mr.DEVELOPER, shut up and listen!
Pull down your pants RIGHT NOW im gonna kiss your f*ckng ass.

I broke my damn chair on one of the scares and your creation is responsible for that. You bitch! Is this german engineering in game development? What a terrifying experience -  it's sooooo good. I love the atmosphere , the sound design, i love your epic mystic story, so much to explore. That's Quality.
Everything just fits perfectly together. I always got above 60 fps (Nvidia970). If you ever plan to visit netherlands, please visit me and let's party i'll pay you the night. If not, I hit the download button again to just send you a few $, because it was exactly the kind of game i was searching for. Thank you for sharing it and please don't stop developing this.

Thank you very... oh sorry.. *pullsDownPants*... so thank you very much for playing and your great response. There's always a sense of peace running through my heart when i see that i was able to bring fun to players. It's the only reason why i've created this game. Doing something good, something for people and not for the big industry.

I'm really sorry for your chair but i think a lot of pizzas are more responsible for the destruction. LOL

Seriously?! If this is a promise {the party ;-)}, tell me the date and i'm at your door. Takes me only 30mins to reach the dutch border and i know you guys got some great clubs there. Have a nice day!

How cute, let me hug you  :-) good guy. I think i know what you mean and i really appreciate your amazing work.
And with the chair you're maybe right because i am the pizza monster and really big.

So the first great shock was in the toxic underground where your fckng tentacle monster  blasted out of the chemical waste. My heart! One hour later i ignored the warning signs and switched on my flashlight. Your damn beast  directly rushed into my face. That made me jump so hard that my chair bursted into pieces under my ass. No joke. I was really nervous the whole time because of that strong atmosphere. You have a  great sense for sound, lighing and creating immersive scenes. Thanks again for the nightmare and keep on developing.

Last point: Yes Ravee! Seriously! I already sent you a pm. I know that you germans like to come over here to party. So come  with your friends and lets have a ravy weekend. Oh Holy Shit! is this what your username and label means?! Ravee! Da Hell! i am genious...

(1 edit)

Yep got it. Thank you bro, i can't wait for the weekend in amsterdam. I feel the need to fadein a warning when the game loads that i'm not responsible for destructed furniture :-) And congrats, you got the logical link and you're the first one after 15 years ;-) Have a nice night.


Wow! This is such a fresh and challenging horror game! Truly a fun experience that kept me on the edge of my seat! I look forward to what the final version of this game has to offer! 

Your video really made my day. Very cool and some sort of "gameplay-proof" that the puzzles and the creepy stuff seems to work. Thank you very much for that and greetings from germany. :-D

Hey! I saw you already found my video, was planning to post it up here when I had some time. I was super surprised at how large and fleshed out everything was. There was a ton of content here compared to most alphas I've played. I was pretty interested in finding out more about the story and why everything was turning all plastic-y. Some of the level transitions and trippy effects (like the hallway with glitchy tiles) were awesome!

I noticed a few bugs, but I did play this a few weeks ago so they might already be fixed. I noticed that the monster could kill me through the wall/door when I was close. I also found out that crouching lets you walk/clip in to desks (at least in the underground area).

In the end I got stuck on the underground maze area. I thought I had searched everywhere but there were no definite landmarks to really give me a sense of where I was going. Maybe I just missed something obvious. I tried following the ceiling lights one time but that didn't seem to work. Some sort of trailmarkers like lights that you could turn on would make it much much easier to navigate the maze after dying. Or just some recognizable features. Other than that I really would've liked to see more. I think this has some great potential for an alpha, keep up the good work!

And for anyone who wants to see my video with some takes on it, here's a link.


Thank you  for the info about the desk-clipping thing. I'll fix this. Yes most stuff is already fixed. And maybe you missed the note that says that there are boxes in the maze that guide you the right way ;-) Normally you need 30 seconds through this thing. Have a nice day  and thank you for playing :-)

I love the new update! 

Thank you very much. Your gameplay video helped me to fix some stuff and the glitch you encountered. :-)


PLAYLIST LINK Polymerikum gameplay

Thank you for your nice gameplay  videos... you don't have to sweat... and always the drawers  XD

It looks really interesting.... We loved the concept ...Nice indie game....looking forward for the full release...

Thank you very much for playing :-). I watched your video and saw that you've played an old alpha version, because of the bug where the cafeteria gets lost. This bug is already fixed. Much Greetings and have a nice night :-)


Oh wow. Wow wow wow. I don't even know where to start!

Firstly, the game looks amazing. It's so well put together, especially for an indie project. You can really tell a lot of love has gone into the development of this one.

Next, the story is told very well. Being drip-fed a little piece of info here and there really adds to the atmosphere, and spurred me on to keep creeping through the claustrophobic atmosphere to uncover more of the mystery.

The scares aren't thrown in willy-nilly for the heck of it, they are used sparingly and super effectively! I was on the edge of my seat for pretty much the entire game, agonizing over when I'd be jumping out of my skin.

The tantalising finale, hinting that there may be more to come, was a great way to end what was hopefully the beginning of something epic! But if that is going to be the end of it I'm very glad I came across this mini-masterpiece! It was truly an awesome experience!

Only had one little issue, and that was one special moment when I managed to fall off the map. Clever me! Other than that, everything ran smoothly and wonderfully!

Keep up the amazing work, this was a cracker! =)


Thank you very much for your great comment and for this nice gameplay video, its a motivation boost for me :-) and i'm really happy when i read that all the work i put in that game was not worthless. I'm currently working on the next part of the story and a save game system so that everybody can always continue the game when i add new stuff. greetings from germany, have a nice night. :-)

Thrilling atmosphere with hardly any jumpscares but a whole lot to mess with your head. It was a good experience and I tried to play through it all but the game crashed on me and there was no save function. I'd rate this game 8/10 and recommend it to those intersted in a thrill and are curious to uncover the story

Thank you for playing. The savegame function comes with the next version. Did the game crash because of an error inkl. error message?

no message, the screen just went black but I was still in the game. I had to leave it

ok, sounds like  a hardware problem and not a game or engine crash.

I absolutely enjoyed playing this game despite not finishing it. I love the elements of surprise where it's not just the creatures catching you off guard.  Here's my video of it. :D

I had my fun watching your video, this was nice ;-D Thank you very much for  playing. best regards

An interesting and frightening game, but I do wish there was a way to save the game. Either way, I can't wait to play more.

Thank you for playing. I'm currently working on a decent Savegame-System, this will be available in the next version + story extension, so there will be more to play and explore. best regards

I got stuck with 3 unused keys and I couldn't find the elevator key. Kind of got bored.

Sad to read that. So you think it was to hard for you to proceed? All hints are written in notes you find, keys are mostly in drawers. The elevator key doesn't exist ;-) you don't need it. Maybe you give the final version a try when its finished or watch one of the videos on yt to see how to progress. best regards, R.

I actually couldn't read the notes because the task bar was in the way because it doesn't want to disappear when I play a game anymore. :P Could you make it that the text is higher? That'll help. :) Thanks. NOTE: It was fun when it lasted. I can't wait for the final version.

Sure, i set the new minimum height slightly above the taskbar size, it also looks better and is more comfortable to read. I put this in the next update. Thank you for playing.


I am 100% going to replay this. It is really good!

Gave it a go...

Thanks for playing the old crappy alpha LOL and for reminding about the fontsize . have a nive day

This game was amazing it takes quite a bit to really make me feel immersed and horrified at the same time lol.

You solved the  basement puzzle and then leaved LOL thank you for this great gameplay, i really had my fun watching it.

I had a fun time playing this game.  It was very strange, and a little confusing, but I managed to beat it.   The atmosphere was very good, and the strange visuals help to really set the mood.  

I really had my fun  with your video. I corrected the english translation while you where reading the text in the vid ;-). And I added a few more clues to the puzzles (Alpha4) is now online. Thanks for your gameplay.


Cool.  That was really fast!  

Deleted 2 years ago

Thanks for your short and optimistic gameplay ;-D , have a nice day

I'm so glad that I downloaded Polymerikum! As a fan of Lovecraftian weird fiction and first person horror games I found so much here to love. The atmosphere is unsettling and the game just downright scared me a few times. The back story is quite interesting and original. It is a genuine Weird Tale. The sound design added some serious tension and I found myself creeped out during my entire visit.  It was a joyous, albeit nightmarish experience.

Thank you for these great words.  Seems that all the work and effort hasn't been worthless.    And as a fan of weird fiction you found the right pleasure in the game.  Thank you for  playing :-)


I did enjoy a casual play of this game. It had good atmosphere.

(1 edit)

Thanks for your gameplay but... You looked very tired bro. Is everything all right?!


Haha .. Yeah I'm just a bit narcoleptic sometimes.
I did enjoy your game so hope my yawning didnt offend you. 

Nice to read that. I first thought you were tired of playing games ;-)

Got a 3-Part episode of my nice little walk around the station, though the last video should be especially helpful to you, dev.

Thank you very much, did you already upload  all episodes? Couldn't find it on YT.

Just part 1 so far, will add them as replies to my original comment here, they'll be uploaded within the coming days.

Really cool game. I didn't expect it to be as scary as it was and i definitely wasn't expecting there to be so much. 


Thank you for this video, it was funny to watch and how you've been spooked :-) . And thank you for playing.

Deleted 2 years ago

Thank you very much for these valuable words. It shows me that I have chosen the right path in the development of the game and that quality and intensive work is valued. This encourages me to continue. Have a nice day :-)


hi, big thx for this great scary game. i love it :) greetings from germany

This is a really great gameplay, thank you very much for playing, greetings back. have a nice day :-)



didnt really get this game but it was alright :D

First of all thanks a lot for this game....Really nice game.

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