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I love the new update! 

Thank you very much. Your gameplay video helped me to fix some stuff and the glitch you encountered. :-)


PLAYLIST LINK Polymerikum gameplay

Thank you for your nice gameplay  videos... you don't have to sweat... and always the drawers  XD

It looks really interesting.... We loved the concept ...Nice indie game....looking forward for the full release...

Thank you very much for playing :-). I watched your video and saw that you've played an old alpha version, because of the bug where the cafeteria gets lost. This bug is already fixed. Much Greetings and have a nice night :-)

Oh wow. Wow wow wow. I don't even know where to start!

Firstly, the game looks amazing. It's so well put together, especially for an indie project. You can really tell a lot of love has gone into the development of this one.

Next, the story is told very well. Being drip-fed a little piece of info here and there really adds to the atmosphere, and spurred me on to keep creeping through the claustrophobic atmosphere to uncover more of the mystery.

The scares aren't thrown in willy-nilly for the heck of it, they are used sparingly and super effectively! I was on the edge of my seat for pretty much the entire game, agonizing over when I'd be jumping out of my skin.

The tantalising finale, hinting that there may be more to come, was a great way to end what was hopefully the beginning of something epic! But if that is going to be the end of it I'm very glad I came across this mini-masterpiece! It was truly an awesome experience!

Only had one little issue, and that was one special moment when I managed to fall off the map. Clever me! Other than that, everything ran smoothly and wonderfully!

Keep up the amazing work, this was a cracker! =)


Thank you very much for your great comment and for this nice gameplay video, its a motivation boost for me :-) and i'm really happy when i read that all the work i put in that game was not worthless. I'm currently working on the next part of the story and a save game system so that everybody can always continue the game when i add new stuff. greetings from germany, have a nice night. :-)

Thrilling atmosphere with hardly any jumpscares but a whole lot to mess with your head. It was a good experience and I tried to play through it all but the game crashed on me and there was no save function. I'd rate this game 8/10 and recommend it to those intersted in a thrill and are curious to uncover the story

Thank you for playing. The savegame function comes with the next version. Did the game crash because of an error inkl. error message?

no message, the screen just went black but I was still in the game. I had to leave it

ok, sounds like  a hardware problem and not a game or engine crash.

I absolutely enjoyed playing this game despite not finishing it. I love the elements of surprise where it's not just the creatures catching you off guard.  Here's my video of it. :D

I had my fun watching your video, this was nice ;-D Thank you very much for  playing. best regards

An interesting and frightening game, but I do wish there was a way to save the game. Either way, I can't wait to play more.

Thank you for playing. I'm currently working on a decent Savegame-System, this will be available in the next version + story extension, so there will be more to play and explore. best regards

I got stuck with 3 unused keys and I couldn't find the elevator key. Kind of got bored.

Sad to read that. So you think it was to hard for you to proceed? All hints are written in notes you find, keys are mostly in drawers. The elevator key doesn't exist ;-) you don't need it. Maybe you give the final version a try when its finished or watch one of the videos on yt to see how to progress. best regards, R.

I actually couldn't read the notes because the task bar was in the way because it doesn't want to disappear when I play a game anymore. :P Could you make it that the text is higher? That'll help. :) Thanks. NOTE: It was fun when it lasted. I can't wait for the final version.

Sure, i set the new minimum height slightly above the taskbar size, it also looks better and is more comfortable to read. I put this in the next update. Thank you for playing.


I am 100% going to replay this. It is really good!

Gave it a go...

Thanks for playing the old crappy alpha LOL and for reminding about the fontsize . have a nive day

This game was amazing it takes quite a bit to really make me feel immersed and horrified at the same time lol.

You solved the  basement puzzle and then leaved LOL thank you for this great gameplay, i really had my fun watching it.

I had a fun time playing this game.  It was very strange, and a little confusing, but I managed to beat it.   The atmosphere was very good, and the strange visuals help to really set the mood.  

I really had my fun  with your video. I corrected the english translation while you where reading the text in the vid ;-). And I added a few more clues to the puzzles (Alpha4) is now online. Thanks for your gameplay.


Cool.  That was really fast!  

Yea i enjoyed it was a cool game atmosphere done well and the style with the graphics was cool and I liked the story reminded me of chernobyl diaries in a way I look forward to full release thanks

Thanks for your short and optimistic gameplay ;-D , have a nice day

I'm so glad that I downloaded Polymerikum! As a fan of Lovecraftian weird fiction and first person horror games I found so much here to love. The atmosphere is unsettling and the game just downright scared me a few times. The back story is quite interesting and original. It is a genuine Weird Tale. The sound design added some serious tension and I found myself creeped out during my entire visit.  It was a joyous, albeit nightmarish experience.

Thank you for these great words.  Seems that all the work and effort hasn't been worthless.    And as a fan of weird fiction you found the right pleasure in the game.  Thank you for  playing :-)


I did enjoy a casual play of this game. It had good atmosphere.

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Thanks for your gameplay but... You looked very tired bro. Is everything all right?!


Haha .. Yeah I'm just a bit narcoleptic sometimes.
I did enjoy your game so hope my yawning didnt offend you. 

Nice to read that. I first thought you were tired of playing games ;-)

Got a 3-Part episode of my nice little walk around the station, though the last video should be especially helpful to you, dev.

Thank you very much, did you already upload  all episodes? Couldn't find it on YT.

Just part 1 so far, will add them as replies to my original comment here, they'll be uploaded within the coming days.

Really cool game. I didn't expect it to be as scary as it was and i definitely wasn't expecting there to be so much. 


Thank you for this video, it was funny to watch and how you've been spooked :-) . And thank you for playing.


Really great concept and approach!
I didn't expect the wacky style to work with the horror elements, but you proved me wrong! I actually loved this combination. Not only that, but the backstory is interesting too. We usually see horror games with the usual story going on, but you did something different. The whole plastic experiment went wrong is working in favour of the game. It explains the enemies and the events without having to read copious amounts of notes like in similar games. The enemies are creepy, even though harmless. The jumpscares are there, but they startled me rather than make me jump. I appreciate the subtleness of them, since they don't ruin the atmosphere.
The art style suits the game a lot! It is unique and pops out with the great use of lighting. It is a bold move to make a horror game like this, but you pulled this out successfully.
And now about my favourite part of the game, the sound design. It is so captivating. Especially the ambient track that plays in the rooms on the third floor. It is just the right kind of music a game like this should have. The sound effects are solid as well, delivering a great experience and making the place feel almost real.
So yeah, good job!! I totally enjoyed your game, even though I didn't beat it.
It has a lot of potential, so keep it up!

Thank you very much for these valuable words. It shows me that I have chosen the right path in the development of the game and that quality and intensive work is valued. This encourages me to continue. Have a nice day :-)


hi, big thx for this great scary game. i love it :) greetings from germany

This is a really great gameplay, thank you very much for playing, greetings back. have a nice day :-)



didnt really get this game but it was alright :D

First of all thanks a lot for this game....Really nice game.


The visual effect is a little weird but I did like how there's always something fishy going on in the building. :)


Thank you very much for playing. Yes the camera FOV ist very  wide, maybe i add an option for this. I really like your video and how you're playing. Thx

So I feel like I have to say right away, I don't think this is bad by any means, but I was pretty hard on it. And a lot of that had to do with your advertisement on the page saying "No shitty jumpscares guaranteed" because they were everywhere. You managed to build a phenomenal atmosphere though sound design and lighting and it was all ruined by the sheer volume of the loud noises, sharp crashes and flashing lights, all common elements of jumpscares. It pretty quickly desensitized me to the feelings they were supposed to be evoking and I ended up running towards the enemies just to see if I was really in any danger.  When I figured out all they could do was cause some screen effects with no consequences, it all fell apart. This is a really strong start to something amazing, but the player really needs to stay sensitized to the atmosphere for it to work, and constantly throwing jumpscares at the player is the opposite of that.


Thank you so much for playing, this will help me  a lot with the development  and also with some decisions. For example: the sound volume  stuff.   It's  exactly what you wrote: I don't wanna ruin the atmosphere. So thanks a lot.