Polymerikum Update (alpha03)

Fixed and optimized in this version:

- Glitches in building at stairs
- open- closeable objects now  do exactly that : open, close ;-)
- Audio balance of FX-channels optimized
- Collectable items now highlight when cursor hovers over
- New Collected items are now clearly shown in short words on upper screen + bigger font size
- Changed and added Textures
- Added new environmental sounds (Atmosphere)
- Added new background music for level2
- Told the stupid monster in the lab to use cutlery when eating the player
- Fixed the grammatical desaster in the german intro text
- shortened intro text of both versions en/de (because TLDR)
- Basement puzzle knows now status of all parts
- Volume of hitting and colliding objects pushed down.

Thanks to all players who have already helped to improve this project.


Polymerikum_Alpha3.zip 179 MB
Sep 24, 2018

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