Players have reported a game breaking bug in the "moving block room".  The Alpha4 version doesn't contain a savegame function, when you get stuck, you stuck. The moving blocks (the blocks first look like normal room walls) are watched by an algorithm that checks the state of the puzzle. You can reset the whole room (all blocks) by going back the way you came from till you hear the rumbling noise of the blocks. But if you move a block to the entrance of the room you block the way you came from. The algorithm is not able to process this situation. This will be fixed in version Alpha5 which will also contain the savegame function. The development of new version will take some time, theres much to code and much to test. I will also add a complete new map with creepy puzzle stuff and a lot of story content. If you're going to play the Alpha4 version and you reach the moving block room, move first forward in front of you, then second to the left, go the free way to the long wall and turn left, go forward to the next wall and push it. Thats it. Only these three blocks to move and you can go through to the exit, which is a hole in the floor.
Many Thanks to all players who have reported this and some other bugs. Thanks for your help.

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