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It's time to say THANK YOU to all players who have shared their experience with me after playing  my game, to all who sent me a bug report and to all who have thrown a few bucks in my pocket to help the development of this huge project. All these nice words you wrote gave me a lot of motivation to keep me coding. Polymerikum is a monster. A monster project for a single developer. But i do my very best to give you a great and mystic experience. I'm currently working on the new Alpha5 version which includes a neat savegame-system. You will be able to use your savegame-file for future versions to continue playing. Polymerikum will keep its alpha-state till i added the full story. Then it'll become beta. And when all bugs are erased, it'll get its  'full version' label. I hope i can release alpha5 this or next week, but before uploading it, i have to do a lot of testing. I don't wanna mess up the new savegame-system :-) so thank you again for your great support and have a nice day/night/morning/evening... wherever you are. Ravee (Rod, the dev)

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