I don't like demos

"A few weeks ago i commented, that i'll never going to release demos again."

The reason:
I recently watched an uploaded stream of a young twitch guy who played a crappy old pre-alpha version of polymerikum. Seems he found it in his old data collection, maybe too lazy to check for updates.
I don't know.
Even worse, his download was completely broken and most textures were missing. (maybe used winRAR). 

From madness to sadness...

However, it was the most shameful representation of my game I've ever seen.
I'm not angry with the streamer, because my madness quickly changed to sadness as i recognized his pleasure exploring the partly untextured basement and it's creepy atmosphere. He even liked the game so much that i couldn't be pissed. I was sad for him, because his experience could have been so much better.

I know that this may sound silly to you, but DAAAAAMN! 
My poor artists heart was crying.
Spent 14 month of my life and gave everything to create a spooky experience...

But with this demo, its different...
it's not my new game.

In this demo you can play the full 1st chapter (out of seven) of Polymerikum in the style of its initial prototype. It shows the original art concept before i modernized the game for a bigger audience at different distribution platforms. 

It's a complete grafical rework of the first chapter from the full 2019s version. 
So maps, puzzles and story are the same, but textures, shaders, lighing, colors and the overall visual style is different.
It's not like: added fucking pixelation and BAAM it's retro.

I thought, i should just share it with players and devs, could be interesting to show the original idea to others. How it looked before it got modernized for a bigger audience. Maybe i get some external thoughts on it. I do not regret the decision of moving to higher quality... it's more like a question was left: "What If..."

Feel free to comment this, or on page, or wherever you want.
I'm always HERE for you...
...mostly... exept when i am sleeping (we devs do this sometimes). 😄

have a nice day,

Ravee (Rod)


zpx-windows.zip 211 MB
Version 1 May 07, 2020
zpx-osx.zip 227 MB
Version 1 May 07, 2020
zpx-linux-universal.zip 222 MB
Version 1 May 07, 2020

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